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Strapping & Supportive Taping

We offer a variety of strapping and taping services designed to meet your needs to help facilitate rehabilitation or athletic performance.


Benefits Of Strapping Tape & Supportive Taping

Strapping and Supportive tapes are often used to help assist in a variety of ways such as:-


  • Reduce pain by de-loading vulnerable or painful structures

  • To promote joint stability

  • Improve athletic confidence and performance

  • To enhance joint and ligament protection

  • To prevent Injuries

  • Reduce injury reoccurrence

  • To promote healing and recovery

Strapping and Supportive taping

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To achieve this we use a wide variety of tapes such as:

Rigid Strapping Tape

Rigid Strapping Tape (often referred to as ‘sports tape’ or ‘athletic tape’) is arguably one of the most rigid tapes commonly used by health professionals. The tape provides extra support to the joints when under high stress particularly during intensive sporting activities.


Elastic Strapping Tape

Elastic Strapping Tape is often used when less support is required such as for compression bandaging over muscle and joint areas and to help keep wound dressings in place during intensive sporting activities.  


Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape or kenesio-tape is a another form of elastic therapeutic tape. It is often used to support dynamic movement during rehabilitation or sporting activities and to assist the body’s natural response to inflammation to promote recovery and repair. 

         His knowledge of anatomy was incredible. ...The pain I experienced disappeared almost instantly after I left the treatment room and has been a lot better since... Thanks Nick!

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        Three visits to Nick in 3 weeks and to my amazement not only did I make the start line but I ran the 26 miles, non-stop in under 4 hours, without any problems with my calf muscle..

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